Centralized Local Store Campaign Management


Hi-Per specializes in taking your marketing strategy local, so that each location is supported by hyperlocal marketing strategies in the key channels that your customers engage with before they convert.

We deploy digital campaigns that drive business results such as:

  • Social media campaigns

  • Review site campaigns

  • Google Ad campaigns

    These Digital Campaigns Result In Conversions Such As:

  • Store visits

  • Sales

  • App downloads

  • Online orders

  • Form completions for sales team follow up.

    Local store marketing has changed dramatically over the last several years. Let us show you how  you can accomplish your local store sales objective more efficiently with a strategic, centralized, hyperlocal marketing strategy.

    Centralized Local Store Marketing For Franchise - Owned Businesses

    We have worked extensively with both corporately-owned as well as franchise-owned businesses. We have deep experience with bringing franchisees on-board, engaging them in the process, and ensuring that their local marketing spend is deployed in the most efficient channels for their unique locations. Our centralized approach drives greater brand cohesion, unified offers and messaging that amplifies brand-level marketing efforts.  

    Measurable ROI For Franchise Marketing

    For many brands, we manage all local campaign deployment and franchisee interactions. Feedback from franchisees on our marketing support is overwhelmingly positive. Local stores are constantly bombarded by salespeople looking to sell them directory ads, SEO services, sponsorships and more - much of which will provide them with no measurable business outcomes.  A key Hi-Per difference is that we measure the ROI of every campaign and continually optimize to ensure local stores are deploying the most effective digital, social and mobile marketing strategies for your brand, category and  location. In other words we help build the confidence of local owners and operators that their marketing spend is working, and worthy of their continued investment. Let us show you how highly efficient and effective centralized local store marketing can be. Call or contact us today! (651) 330-0670