Real Time Results & Analytics

Easily See & Share Results

Real-time analytics and digital marketing reporting is essential for continuous optimization of your program. We will supply you with a real-time dashboard and reporting platform so you can customize and share reports any time. We can also automate weekly or monthly push e-mails to key stakeholders containing consolidated or individual location data. Each group of stakeholders receives only the data they need.  


Understand Trends in Customer Comments and Issues in Real-Time

Our proprietary process allows us to respond, resolve and report on customer issues across your entire social/mobile ecosystem. This level of reporting bridges the gap between operations and marketing teams.

Real-Time Reporting Dashboard

Our reporting dashboard consolidates campaign data across channels. You will have the ability to drill-down as needed and easily configure reports.  Don't have time to check the dashboard? We can configure a report once, and push customized reports to your key stakeholders weekly. 

Data Options are Infinite

We understand that including your organization's sales and performance metrics into this reporting dashboard plays a key role in understanding campaign performance. Whether it's sales data, customer leads, online orders, or app usage, we can pull in your data and tailor reports that will fit the needs of your corporate staff down to your local operators.