Customer Review Monitoring, Response & Resolution Services


90% of consumers say online reputation and reviews (positive or negative) impact their buying decisions. We were once brand marketers ourselves, in a large regional coffee chain, and we struggled with how to effectively manage reviews across 100 locations. We searched endlessly for an  affordable solution that would enable us to take this responsibility off the franchisees’ plates, enable us to maintain an authentic brand voice, and present the feedback in a way that would be actionable for the operations team. As a result of this struggle, we have created a unique, proprietary solution that combines a team of compassionate humans with the right technology platforms to result in an affordable closed-loop review response process.

The Solution To Managing Customer Reviews For Multiple Locations

Our solution enables us to push nightly, weekly and/or monthly reports to your operations team and individual store locations with customer feedback that is organized in an actionable way. We categorize reviews by type, so your operations team can see trends, issue areas, and store rankings. This systematic approach while often initiated by the marketing team, becomes a favorite of the operations team, as it provides them with a tool to systematically address ongoing operational issues and drive lasting operational improvements from your reputation management efforts.  Most of our clients experience a steady increase in star rating across channels within months of deploying our reputation management services.  Our team employs best practices in review response. We engage with select positive reviews and respond in an authentic brand voice to all negative reviews. We are experts in turning brand detractors into brand advocates, and we often experience 1 and 2 star reviews being changed to 5 star reviews after an interaction with our team.  

Don’t leave your brand’s online reputation to individual operators. Let us help you provide personalized customer response services to each of your locations, while you maintain centralized brand oversight and receive the information that you need to help your operators drive lasting operational improvements.