Hyperlocal Digital Marketing Services

Multi-Unit Organizations Are Facing a Street Fight For The Mobile Customer


Ensuring that your brand shows up in a cohesive and positive way across the entire social/mobile ecosystem is a complex challenge. It's become an imperative for brands to gain access to their local social pages in order to ensure brand relevance to the next generation of customers. For brands in the midst of launching apps or online ordering, the imperative is even stronger, because gaining control of this ecosystem means driving app downloads and mobile orders.   Our proven solution will get you there, faster and more affordably than you might imagine. 

  • Digital Brand Audit
    This is not your father’s brand audit. It’s an ongoing process unique to Hi-Per that maps your social/mobile ecosystem and identifies opportunities to optimize your brand presence in all the places your prospects see before they convert.  We then make it happen (faster than you think!), and monitor continuously.

  • Local Social Media at Scale
    Each of your locations already have a social media presence but most likely, it’s not helping your brand image. We will help you gain centralized control of your entire local social presence. Our tools enable us to quickly access and repurpose user-generated content, which eases your content creation bottlenecks while driving engagement rates 3-4 times higher than a typical brand receives. We also personalize and localize customer complaint resolution in these channels, to help you respond and engage at the speed in which the mobile customer has come to expect.

  • Localized Campaign Management at Scale
    Once you’ve optimized your local social/media ecosystem, it’s time to shift your marketing dollars to mobile channels and drive business results. Let us show you how highly efficient and effective hyperlocal marketing can be.

  • Review Monitoring, Response and Resolution
    90% of consumers say online reviews (positive or negative) impact their buying decisions. We have pioneered a closed loop guest retention process and effective reporting tools that will help you drive lasting operational improvements.

  • Restaurant Marketing
    Hi-Per has become a go-to resource for digital restaurant marketing. We have worked with coffee brands, pizza brands, as well as a wide range of fast casual and fine dining brands with anywhere from 10 to more than 300 locations.  Because of our deep industry experience, we are able to quickly assess your current marketing plan, identify gaps and prioritize opportunities.

  • App And Online Ordering Launch Support / Services
    For brands in the midst of launching loyalty programs, loyalty apps or online ordering, the first challenge they face is lack of internal expertise and manpower to manage these complex technology implementations. Hi-Per is often engaged to manage these implementations from start to finish.  

  • Real-Time Reporting Dashboard
    View and share key metrics and ROI with your team any time, via dashboard, or push notification reporting. No more waiting 30 days for a report from your agency.